Do NOT talk to cops. The only things you say to a cop are:

1. Am I free to go? (Leave if yes)
2. I am exercising my right to silence and to speak to a lawyer.

Then you shut the fuck up.

@sir this.

Also, this is a great talk with practical examples of why one should not talk to the police:

@rysiek @sir the followup by the officer is good as well.

@sir depending on your circumstances, this can be a really bad decision.

For example: you get ambushed and in the ensuing scuffle end up roughing up your attacker. Police show up and break up the fight. Your attacker accuses you.

You need to collect yourself and immediately point out any evidence to the police that they may otherwise miss. What witnesses were around to corroborate? Did the assailant drop a weapon? etc.

@sir this is doubly important if the ambulance arrives. They often inadvertently destroy evidence when patching people up.

When Police == Evidence gatherers, you gotta give yourself the best chance in court you got. Then shut up.

@DonnieWest BAD advice. What you need to do is shut the fuck up and talk to your laywer. Nothing you ever say to a cop will ever be used FOR you in a court. EVER.

@sir strictly pointing out evidence can give your lawyer the stuff they need to exonerate you. Again, when Police == the people gathering the evidence at a crime scene, you gotta ensure they don't miss something that can help you

Saying anything more than that? Playing with fire.

@DonnieWest does that count as tampering with evidence? or collecting evidence supporting a direction?

@DonnieWest @sir all things that will be used to apply guilt even if you are speaking the truth, dont talk to police

@a7 @sir @DonnieWest also: do NOT call the cops. that puts people in danger, find alternatives. here, calling the fire dept works in some cases

@asko @sir This was exactly my first thought. Can't you do something about this pathetic situation, given greatest democracy on this planet? Or US is a failed country after all?

@jb @asko the US is not a democracy, not anymore. The system is compromised

Try that when they apply rectal decryption.

@sir fun with medium's paywall. Do you have a non-medium link?


I guess you don't give the usual disclamer about everything on Medium being 'approved by the corporate overlords' when it's something you agree with.

Personaly I'm skeptical about anonymously written essays from 'totaly a former cop'.

@hannibal_ad_portas @sir Glad that someone’s noticed.

Tangentially, people traditionally called ‘bastards’ are a problem caused by women, not their sons.

The linked video was spot on though.

@sir I'm surprised the countless countries where police is actually unarmed aren't even mentioned?

Yes and the first step has already been taken elsewhere and is right in front of you to witness

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