In my experience, people who think shell scripts are not the answer to $problem for a large value of $problem are also generally the people who don't know how to write shell scripts

@sir Too true! OTOH, we've all had that shell script creep up, and up, and up on being insane. And then you have to give in and do it all over again. For me, usually in Python.

@sir If you can't solve it with shell scripts, why try at all?

No, seriously, I use shell scripts or a bunch of piping for a lot of stuff that has to run 24 hours and 365 to 366 days a year.

I have to work with a tool that is 25 years of shell scripts and "I can make that work". Absolute pain.
I don't say that any other language would be different, tho.

@sir yes, that was me a while ago as well. I made the mistake of not trying to actually learn the specifics of shell scripting but just looked up how to solve my immediate problem. After I chaged that I really started liking them.

And I took a page out of your book and mainly write POSIX shell scrips, not bash. Makes the scope much more managable.

@AnianZ @sir That mistake seems to be how a lot of people learn git, just the commands they need to solve their immediate problem

@sir I think the issue with shell scripts is that a lot of the people writing them don't understand the power of their everyday UNIX tools, and thus look for solutions as they would in $language instead of making use of what the shell is there for in the first place.

@sir I think about this meme a lot, especially the part of a problem being easily solved in bash but I suck at it.

Thing is, I also suck at bash, and have seen some shitty shell scripts, so I dunno what the real solution is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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