This photograph ranks #1 in terms of the most profound influence on our understanding of the universe

This is the photograph which provided the first experimental confirmation of the theory of general relativity

@xj9 @sir

its great when i see peers sharing libgen and scihub links.... its a dedicated work. And happy that fediverse provides space for such expression that does not respect any fear or latent behaviour.

@sir "But the observation is of such interest that it will probably be considered desirable to repeat it at future eclipses. The unusually favourable conditions of the 1919 eclipse will not recur, and it will be necessary to photograph fainter stars, and these will probably be at a greater distance from the sun."
If only they knew we'd be doing the same test not with stars, but with radiowaves and the Cassini mission some 84 years later.

@sir I love how it's as much a trip report as a paper; detailing a 1919 exotic trip with the boats, borrowing the optics from various telescopes and the conditions they worked in.

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