Does anyone want a Talos II (POWER9) workstation

Cover the cost of shipping and it's yours

Email me

Also tell me what you would use it for

Hint: if what you're using it for is normie shit then I'm not going to give it to you

This is a novel computing architecture which I want to place in the hands of a programmer who (1) understands what that means and (2) will take advantage of that

@sir what do you think about it?

I thought about sending the email to grab it but to be honest it is better that it goes to some better developer who needs it instead of someone who is just curious.

On the topic of curiosity, would to care to share some words about your impression of it?

@soapdog @sir Yeah, I mean I would love to have a POWER9 workstation, but I can't help but think there would be people who would make better use of it.

@sir In a parallel universe I would love running the infrastructure of on some POWER9, but in reality is not practical. Anyhow, are you unhappy with it?

@sir You are gifting a 7k dollar workstation to some internet dude? O.o

@sir question: why not put it in the build pool? that way a multitude of programmers could get some mileage out of it
@e @sir like one of those 70s batch job machines

@sir importing something of that value requires an third-party agent and a lot of paperwork

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