"A Request to a YouTube Video Downloads the Title 14 Times and Displays it Twice"

Webshit on display

Obviously the top comment on HN is excusing this behavior as "worth it"

@sir in what fucking universe is that kind of waste "worth it"?

@brandon the universe where the only thing that matters is making money, even if by burdening users with the cost of your inefficiencies. In fact, if you can make your users pay for it then you OUGHT to according to these assholes.

@sir I hope I never have to come face to face with someone who puts this burden on users

@brandon @sir I bet you have. They're not so different. Doing what they're told to do, even if it means implementing a burdensome tool like Node or React. They do it because their boss told them to, because their boss also manages another team, and that team really likes tech stack y and it solves all their botique problems, and they don't want to rewrite a bunch of stuff to support the feature from scratch, because it's due at the next stand-up meeting next week and they have plans to go to...

@brandon @sir Shareholder universes. They're usually quite comfortable places. Far removed from the day-to-day grind.

@sir You'll get the usual "it's Google, so it has to be right" and someone mentioning something about scale, too, I'm sure.

@sir I bet there were 14 different teams involved in that

@sir it’s the reality of integrating with rich media previews on systems like Twitter, Facebook etc. I’m sure my personal blog has the title scattered multiple times throughout the page. (The author followed up on the orange site:

Yes, the web is a bloated pile but this isn’t really a great example of that.

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