How about instead of corporations clothing random idiots in their advertising in exchange for flooding FOSS maintainers with garbage, we provided strong mentorship to a new generation of engineers under the tutelage of maintainers whose sustainable careers are guaranteed by the direct financial support of those same corporations?

Different budget. T-shirts is Marketing and they always get a disproportionately large slice of the pie.

@eletious specifically I'm contrasting things like Hacktoberfest with programs like Google Summer of Code

@sir didn't realize that, my bad.

summer of code is pretty awesome, but I can't participate in it because I'm not a student or maintainer of anything 🤷 That said, I've also not been one of the randoms submitting PRs for hacktoberfest, so i guess i'll just not interact further

@eletious programs *like* GSoC, not *just* GSoC. We should make more new GSoCs and fewer new Hacktoberfests.

@eletious @sir There's also programs various organisations host which does not need you to be student, like from @kde

@sir I’ve tried doing that and even offered several ways they could benefit:

Ask candidates being recruited to solve simple issues in FOSS projects.
Let developers solve larger issues to get extra points to get promoted instead of getting pointless certificates.
Work on FOSS issues impacting our projects instead working around them on our code. We’d avoid some complexity.
Get visibility among passionate engineers.

They didn’t like it.

@sir no-bullshit hacktoberfest monthly-wide education event when

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