If you have any VPSes on Digital Ocean maybe you should consider moving them to Linode or similar competitors

@sir already moved to RamNode as it provides better value anyway.

@duponin no, it's digital ocean. but github deliberately enables their spam

@sir @duponin Agreed and Digital Ocean historically have been disabling people's VPS without explanation or any recourse.

There's a blood writing on the wall with Digital Ocean:
So I blacklisted Digital Ocean and been using either Ovh or Linode. Those two are pretty solid so far. :)
@sir @duponin So yeah, my rule of thumb is... if company disable a VPS server without any explanation or warning ahead of time, then they deserved to be blacklisted permanently without any chance at redemption.

@sir digital ocean isn't even that good of a platform to begin with. It's very expensive for the value.

BTW anyone know any VPS providers that don't require proof of residency / proof of name and allow anonymous payment?

@sir considering myself, they're recommended by and that counts for a lot

@boringcactus recommended by counts for jack shit in my book

@sir oh do they suck or do you just not give a shit
@sir well TIL. although Njalla's VPSs are like 3x the price of the same specs from other places
@boringcactus @sir Sadly isn't a VPS, you get a container.

So I would strongly *not* recommend them.

@sir What's going on the DO? I don't use them currently but have.

@r000t taking buttcoin is obviously a mark AGAINST them

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