Looks like today is "delete all your github repos" day

Thanks DO for the inspiration

I'll give anyone six months of free credit if they empty out their github account after signing up 😉

@sir I've emptied my github account on the day they were bought by Microsoft. Never regretted that decision.

@clerian You're a better person than me. On that day, I just imported all my repos into gitlab and updated my github profile. I _may_ have archived one whole project. I just... stopped using github.

...I should probably check if I have MRs, shouldn't I?


@sir All of this inspired me to migrate the last couple of old GItHub projects to my own Git server in my #homelab and delete them off of GitHub.

@sir Can I leave links to the new repos or are you talking about empty empty?

@silver yeah if you archive them and let people know where they went that's fine by me

@sir Only one thing missing: A fediverse-like platform for git that allows discovering projects and easily contributing without having a thoursand accounts

@just once RSS feeds are added to the project hub I am interested in federating them with other instances

@sir why "delete" and not "move to a freedom respecting alternatives"?

@sir @testman I mean, testman isn’t wrong for considering the One Truly Secure Alternative™, though…

Why should one do so ? You would loose a big user base. And is gitlab really better ? They use cloudflate...

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