There is a huge mental health crisis in the software development community which has gone unaddressed for way too long

There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of developers who actually think C++ is good

@sir At least the javascript ones are quite aware of the crap they're writing. (what a huge cognitive dissonance)

@lanodan @sir do javascript devs understand that compilers exist? Asking for a friend.

@neanderthalsnavel @sir Pretty sure they mostly know of their existence but not what they actually do and serve.

@neanderthalsnavel @lanodan @sir do java devs understand that compilers exist? Ask a student

@sirjofri @neanderthalsnavel @sir In what way? Java is compiled (mostly to the JVM) and there is CPUs using the JVM natively.
And I wouldn't really consider students to be a good representation of devs.

@lanodan @sir @sirjofri type checking before execution FTW. "I don't test my code, but when I do, I do it in production." - says javascripts everywhere. TypeScript is the only salvation.

@lanodan @sir @neanderthalsnavel I guess many students don't learn about compilers when learning java. The IDE does everything for them. They just hit run

@sirjofri @lanodan @sir Something happened in academia in the 2000s. I think the mandatory shake-out course of assembly programming sophomore year was supplanted for OO with Java. The net effect is that devs in school didn't get the practice using the Scientific Method and instead relied on gc and libraries to do everything. IT may have been pushing this. What really happened is a gen of coders who can't debug out of a paper bag.

@neanderthalsnavel @lanodan @sir and who refuse to program simple pseudocode algorithms on paper. Or refuse to code algorithms at all, using hundreds of libraries. And I'm not only talking about container classes or something like that

@sir show me a C++ substitute for low level stuff with first class support for strings, has a vector type without a hacky macro system, and is ready for production use. i'll happily switch.

before someone says r**t, having to beg my programming language to access memory is not a feature.

@amiloradovsky I don't use the C preprocessor beyond , header guards, and the occasional /#else/#endif

@sir You replicate the same code with little variations over and over instead?

@sir What do you think of Linux (kernel). Source style, APIs, etc.; not the end user utility.

@sir all programming languages suck. Just some more than others.

@sir You'll probably hate this comment, but while C++ and Javascript are both bad, at least Javascript is not painful to write.
@Moon @sir Uuuh.

Obviously you never had ""+0 into a large codebase (MastoFE) to transform into "" to not get random NaNs creating errors all over the place.

@sir What is your opinion about object oriented programming in general? (I am not saying C++ is a good example of an OOP language.)

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