Found a bug with Skia, did my due diligence in sending a patch upstream. Google drones refuse to apply my two-liner patch to fix musl libc support unless I sign their CLA, despite explicitly agreeing to distribute it under the terms of their license, which permits free redistribution and modification.

Eat shit, Google, this is why no one likes working with you.

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Yes, I expected this to happen, but I did it anyway for the purpose of registering further malcontent within Google reagrding this policy.

And for the record, Google already vendors a bunch of code I wrote despite the fact that I never signed the CLA.

libdrm, mesa, vulkan-headers, wayland, wayland-protocols, weston...

@sir I don't mean to be pedantic, but I don't see any code in those folders, and the licenses in those folders have intel and redhat all over them.

Do they pull them in at build time? I'm not sure how Chrome is constructed, to be honest.

I'm more lost than anything.

@sir isn't this due to the "can't change license at some point unless all contributors agree" problem?
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