Time spent debugging LibreOffice build failures on musl libc + gcc 10:

Almost 4 hours before giving up

Time spent rewriting the document in LaTex:

5 minutes

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@sir About a year ago I discover I can write Markdown and have pandoc convert it to pdf, docx, or whatever and I haven't looked back ever since.

@roobre I would prefer that my documents look nice

@sir So why did you start with LibreOffice in first place? 😊


@sir You mean the latex output or the source? I personally find MD source quite easy to read in plain text.

@sir Oh, what weird latex magic do you speak that pandoc doesn't get?

@roobre latex is infinity times more expressive than markdown, regardless of what pandoc can or cannot do

@sir Personally I find it more expensive to write tho, but it is still very fine for more complex stuff :)

@roobre @sir if you want to write a basic documentation or a bullet point journal Markdown is enough if you want to write a document with backlinks, bibliography and much more, LaTeX will be easier to use, more expressive and powerful

@sir @roobre If your output is PDF, pandoc markdown allows you to drop back into LaTeX when you need it, which I think gives the best of both worlds.

@portpupper I like the syntax of markdown better. I still use textile for poetry though because it preserves line breaks in the output.

@sir @roobre Pandoc can convert markdown to LaTeX. It can even incorporate LaTeX in markdown an produce a merged pdf. So you can create the scaffolding of the document in MD an still operate LaTeX magic

@jaj @roobre seems like a poor reason to install a giant mess of haskell onto my system just do to the last 90% of the work myself

@sir i write all my docs using groff, LaTeX is cool too but sometimes its syntax annoys me

@sir LibreOffice is really one of the most annoying mainstream open source programs

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