Ik eet rijst en het is goed ^^

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@sir I'd say "lekker" in this context, assuming you wanted to say it's tasty rather than it being good.

@sir Apparently in German they also tend to just say good rather than tasty πŸ€” And it was just pointed out to me that apparently Dutch Duolingo is teasing good as well for this sentence

@schoentoon @sir We usually use "good" (gut) when we say how something tastes. To describe a thing, we can use a word like tasty (lecker)
Although a better approximation for "tasty" might be "schmackhaft", although no one uses that

"The bread tastes good" β†’ Das Brot schmeckt lecker
"The bread is tasty" β†’ Das Brot ist lecker

When referring to food you should use 'lekker' or 'heerlijk', both means delicious, its rare to hear 'goed' associated with food as it sounds more like it was OK or a mediocre food. You can also use 'smakkelijk' to mean its tasty its the most common I hear when an employee qt a restaurant asks: 'was het smakkelijk?' Or even: 'heeft het gesmaakt?' As in, have you enjoyed it?

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