Tell me the word for butt in your language and I will try to guess what language it is

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@sir you were preety close with ukrainian couse it'other slavic language - polish.

@sir toki pona! Although it's not a natural language, so I might have cheated.

@dnegreira what kind of R sound is this? Can you record a sample?

@dnegreira oh, hmm... going out on a limb here, maybe... Hebrew?

Nope. Its an European language to make it easier for you.

@dredmorbius @sir is this why we call cigarette butts "csikk" in hungarian? how is that "csikk" pronounced?

@linear I have already heard this one and my guess is Portuguese french students often learn this one while being regaled a cautionary tale, against pronouncing "beaucoup" to sound too much like "beau cul" and accidentally telling a flight attendant that she has a nice ass instead of asking for a lot of water

@dearrude what is that oo sound? Is it as in racoon or as in rope

@sir yep, in retrospect it might've been a good idea to romanize it
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