Controlled human use of fire first started about halfway down the page

@sir why are art and war listed as two separate things

@khm art is shown as an era, world war II is shown as a specific event

@sir Fun!

Some nitss:

"Civilisation", defined by first cities, should be about 5kya-7kya:
History, defined by writing, about 5.2kya

A few other markers might be interesting. Vaclav Smil (Energy in World History) and Manfred Weissenbacher (Sources of Power) detail several major early transitions.

Glaciations, Toba Catastrophe, dates of early hominid finds, would be interesting also.

@sir You don't have agriculture without civilization.

@boilingsteam @sir you most definitely can't have civilisation without agriculture. Civilisation emerged when not everybody had to be concerned about providing food, and instead could work on other things. This can't be achieved without agriculture.

@sir @boilingsteam actually it's not very clear, it's possible that agriculture without civilization is possible, but not the other way around.

Civilizations leave way more archeological traces, so of course we know more about early agrarian civilizations than about their possible predecessor (or contemporaries) who did small scale agriculture, but not cities.

@boilingsteam my definition for civilization here is deliberately organized cities with a social structure, rule of law, etc.

@sir I don't think there was ever a clear cut of a society moving from organized villages to "civilization" from one day to the next. It's a gradient rather than a move to a different category.

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