@sir glad to see another ringing endorsement of Gemini from a prolific FLOSS personality

@sir There's no need to abandon the Original Web (HTML<5, HTTP<2) wholesale; the corporate intrusion will likely be a self-solving problem.

The Original Web (as above) is not suitable for the companies that dominate it, and there's plenty of evidence: HTML 5, HTTP/2+, QUIC, DoH, the endless JavaScript standards, etc. They have one thing in common: they are attempts by large corporations to bend the web to their use-cases.

On this trajectory, and coupled the burden of maintaining browsers' sprawling codebases, support for the Original Web will need to be deprecated eventually, and that clock will start ticking as soon as there are viable replacements.

The only reason these corporations were using HTTP or even TCP in the first place* is because they can't do raw IP from the browser (Yet™).
@sir i bought a firefox shirt years back. not sure what to do with it.
@georgia @lanodan @sir Well, at least donate it. It's still a perfectly usable shirt after all :)

@georgia write "RIP" over the firefox logo with a red sharpie

@sir @georgia It's not dead yet, grab a posca™ or something and put "by Google".
@sir rip my hopes and dreams
what browser do you use on mobile?

@georgia Firefox

But in general I try not to use web browsers at all if I can avoid it.

@sir have you ever self hosted a firefox sync server? i heard they don't make it easy

@sir I have been uneasy about Firefox since 2010 or so when I found out that they work so damn closely with Google on so many things and get most of their funding from them.

I'm surprised it took so long for the bullshit to seep into their Corp.

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