Anyone who complains about Nvidia issues on Wayland (or Linux in general!) has a moral obligation to boycott their business. Wayland developers have told you exactly why Nvidia is not supported, and who is to blame. Harassing Wayland devs because they have a name and a face you can harass, rather than boycotting the faceless multi-billion dollar company who is responsible, makes that person an asshole and a shitty consumer.

Nvidia is the one who deliberately engineers cryptographic solutions to subvert the free software driver. Nvidia is the one who refuses to collaborate with the community on standardization. Nvidia is the ONLY GRAPHICS VENDOR WHICH IS NOT UPSTREAM.

If you spent $1,000 on a GPU which became a brick when you tried to use Wayland on it, that's on YOU. Not on Wayland. Letting your confirmation bias protect your ego from the possibility that you made a mistake and turning that feeling into harassing FOSS developers and spreading misinformation about their work is FUCKED UP and needs to stop.

@sir I say this constantly. When you build or buy a computer you need to buy parts that work with the software you want to use. Yes, it all works with Windows and you don't have to think if you use Windows. No, that's not fair, but you still have to use supported hardware.

"if the whole computer capitalism industry is bad it's on you, not on your environment" yeah blaming individual people for systemic problem solves anything.

This post here is exactly why i despise foss advocates. You're so full of patronizing shit.

@Electron I'm blaming individuals who target *their* blame at the volunteers who produce high-quality software for them FOR FREE rather than at the actual systemic problems that YOU BROUGHT UP


@sir Thank you for the reminder that nvidia is not pro foss and does not respect user freedoms. Its a useful reminder and I will take this into account next time I buy a GPU.

@sir Thanks for the warning, won't be trying Wayland then.

@sir i probably still won't switch to Wayland but I'd like my hardware to work if I did.

@sir This is why I'm building my new desktop with an AMD GPU.

@sir Well I've seen bad behaviour from NVidia so often I never buy from them.

OTOH, they do have a Linux driver, so I bet the project could be made to run (albeit with reduced perf) by plugging that closed-source driver in and interfacing with it.

@sir my next work pc is going to be one of those ryzen nucs. I presume amd is doing well on this front?

@peregrine gonna go with a strong "probably" followed by a "do your research before you buy"

@sir gonna follow up with, "makes sense" followed by a "thanks!"

@sir I pulled the trigger on this. Some reports of some minor issues that are being fixed. Can it really be worse than the nvidia situation? I guess I'll find out!

@peregrine AMD iGPU support on Linux sucks. Bought an ryzen 3200G two months after release, neither with their proprietairy Driver and Debian buster nor with Debian Sid and kernel drivers. After 3 months kwin ran okayish, but Browsing was still fucked up. Now, 5 months later some issues still exist on Sid.

@sir theres something about spending big bux on graphics hardware that turns the purchase into an identity decision.

somehow when people are forced to make a choice about these brands they get super defensive about their chosen cult.

@kline @sir Sunk cost sort of deal, maybe? Post-facto justification? "I spent $XXX on it, obviously I wouldn't make a bad decision, therefore it is good!!"

@sir The waters have been fine over in AMD land for a while now and doesn't randomly decide to break if you want to mess around with some options in Xorg and Mesa.

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