How to identify the features that a system needs:

1. Use the system as-is
2. Notice over time that the lack of a feature is a conspicuous limitation
3. Implement the feature

How NOT to identify the features that a system needs:

1. Skim a blog post about the system
2. "It doesn't support $FEATURE? Ridiculous!"
3. Dismiss it outhand

@sir or the alternative step 3: implement all kinds of things because $ENTERPRISE_CORP uses it (even if you're a 3-man startup)

@doenietzomoeilijk @sir Hé! Had je niet gezegd dat je vanaf nu uitsluitend in het Nederlands naar Drew zal tooten? :P

(Didn't you state that you would only toot to Drew in Dutch from now on? :P)

@nloomans @sir Oh, je hebt gelijk. Sorry, Drew! ;)

"Of de alternatieve stap 3: allerlei dingen implementeren omdat $ENTERPRISE_CORP dat gebruikt (zelfs als je een 3-mans startup bent)", zo, beter.

@sir Sadly programmers are lazy fellows so if they can be fine with implementing half of the interface (specially graphical ones) it's fine.

But some of them are kids so they'll reimplement what already works fine.
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