Hey, you, reader of this post

You should set up a Gemini site

@sir gemini://

Though, nothing of real interest on it atm.

@sir soon™

I’m considering using kiln for an HTML version

@sir I plan to, as soon as I get out of the rabbit hole of adding tls to my language libraries

@sir Already set one up a bit ago at gemini:// Not really much there yet, but looking forward to adding more and exploring more of geminispace.

@sir We update ours nearly everyday with new content.

@neauoire thinking about it I love how your logo translates to simple encoded text.

@chillja I wanted something small and portable, it's also fun to try to draw it in every new graphic environment I try ^^

@sir Pardon my ignorance but what is gemini? :blobcat:

@sir I already did you gaylard gemini://
@sir Gemini's Trust On First Use seems like not so good idea.

Why not ask the user if they trust the public key similar to how ssh does it? Then the user can verify using third party tools or, in the worst possible case, just accept it; similar to how it is done now.

@anotherposter SSH is a TOFU system. Most Gemini clients prompt you to approve of the key, similarly to SSH.

You can of course publish the SSH fingerprints via DNS. Perhaps something like that could be doable for Gemini or am I overcomplicating things?


@sir I've set up a new capsule here: gemini://

Right now it's just a copy of my I'm also considering switching servers to something else..

@acdw Nice! Could plz plz make an atom feed of your posts and submit to CAPCOM? On the other hand, I should really check Spacewalk more...

@sir gemini://, needs restructuring but it’s there (shavit)

@sir I really hope Gemini will be added to the list of accepted protocols in Firefox.

Installing an add-on would be just the right level of entry to the world of Gemini. Also, it would allow us to gracefully shift between WWW and Gemini web.

@sir Yes, @sir! Jokes aside, I hadn't heard of gemini yet, thanks for the insight. I'll put it on my blog todo-list, love the idea and since I'm running on hugo so that shouldn't be a problem.

@sir I have one at gemini://!

@sir i got my gemini test page up for now. No real content up. I'll probably port over some blog posts or something.


@sir Do gopherholes count or are we talking exclusively Gemini here?

For those who just want to put up some content, to just try it out or, for whatever reason, won't set up and host their own gemini server, there are a few #pubnix or #tildeverse communities you could join.

Have a look at the #gemini faq - 3.3 How can I put some content of my own in Geminispace?


It is not mine but here's a link some of the gemloggers in this thread might be interested in if they want to add #statistics to their geminis:
(zgrep and awk stuff)
And a link for those who haven't got a gemini client yet

And for those who are unlikely to set up their own #gemini (90% of fedizens) but want to join someone else's

@dublinux @sir hey, I made those statistics. To be honest, I'm not sure how reliable they are. And they rely on you using the Jetforce server. But maybe you could use them as a base for your own version.

Not much content yet gemini://

@sir here you go gemini://

I started a microlog there and I have converted my HTTP wiki feed to gmi

@sir gemini:// is me! I should probably write on it more...

@sir gemini:// and my wife

we host folks too if they are on board with our weird ethos


@Avalon set up one on a raspberry pi and gave me a capsule there too:


@sir Fine!


Are you happy now?!

(Thanks for gmnisrv!)

@stick I can't reach your server. Neither gemini nor ICMP

@sir whoops!

TFW you forget that new routing rules get added at the bottom, underneath the DENY ALL... 😂

Should (🤞) be all set!

@sir it's basically just a "hello world" personal page at this point, but we spun this up yesterday using gmnisrv:


not sure exactly what we're going to do with it, but it's oddly satisfying to know that it's out there now

@solderpunk @sir Did that, but GUS seems to be a bit behind in indexing... ;)

@schwurbel @sir The admin took a bit of a break recently, but a new index was created just a day or two ago.

@solderpunk @sir Wasn't aware of this, index seems to be from 2020-10-26 as stated on GUS.

@schwurbel @sir Oh, so it is. Still, I think until quite recently the index had not changed since September? So it's a new index, just not a recent one. :)

@schwurbel @sir Today, it's showing an index from 2020-11-06, so seems to be catching up again.

@solderpunk @sir Done and done. Behold my gemini capsule: gemini://

Gus had actually already crawled my gemini capsule when I checked. I feel noticed :meowreachmeltuwu:. just submitted my gemfeed to it as well.

I'd actually set it up (/me checks watch) a week or two ago, but it's been empty until recently. Currently the content is mostly same as my website ( I tweak things around by hand to better suit gemini, sometimes re-structuring sentences and splitting paragraphs to better accomodate links getting their own lines. Overall, it's much less work than I thought.

Currently writing a series about resilient git-based project setup, heavily inspired by Sourcehut. Rough drafts go in my tilde ( before I formally publish them (on I might later add some gemlog-exclusive entries; how do you guys determine whether or not to post/mirror your content to your Gopher holes/Gemini capsules/Web sites?
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