...please don't put emojis in your commit messages


git commit -m "$(head -c 128 /dev/urandom)"

@nihilazo @sir yeah saw a webdev on github doing this to clarify what he did in the commit... add a feature had a emoji for example or fixing a bug had another emoji


💥 removed Drew's crankiness
:black_sparkles: fixed a regression in the previous commit
🧼 fixed a typo in the previous regression fix

@sir soydevs and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

@sir 🐛 Bug fix! 🚀 v1.0 📦 New feature :gyate_tewi_lol: refactor

@sir someone made a change to some orchestration scripts at work which put emoji in dmesg 😒

@sir maar... Anders passen die commit-berichten niet meer bij mijn prachtige, met emoji opgeleukte readme!

(/s is gelukkig internationaal)

@sir Is there any reason to not put emojis in commit messages besides convention?

@MadestMadness it's cringy as fuck. Commit messages are an engineering tool. I want to be able to do things like grep them and filter them and deal with them as data without having to bust out a bloody emoji reference card

@sir @MadestMadness I'm going to play devil's advocate for a second. Wouldn't it be easier to search through commits if they had emojis and were used as a way to categorise commits? It's far more compact.

@sir I used to do this I thought it was a cute oasis in the otherwise bleak landscape of software engineering

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