If you live in a country which is not as far gone as the US, the #1 thing you need to prioritize is fiercely defending your public education system.


Crippling public education is the first in a series of dominoes which leads to the upheaval of your social and political freedoms

@sir agreed. But since "education" is a broad term, and "protecting it" somewhat vague, that might be hard without making things somewhat concrete.

I mean, what exactly *is* education? Which bits are the most important? How do you recognize a crippling event and how do you stop it?

I understand that the whole de-sciencification movement that seems to be growing in some places is a huge danger, that's for sure. Where to start with prevention or reversal of rot?

@doenietzomoeilijk use the scientific method to plan and evaluate curriculum

Be deliberate about what goals you want from the system (i.e. produce well-rounded, intelligent human beings)

Teach meta-stuff like philosophy

Teach practical skills like taxes and understanding the legal system and your role in it

Pay teachers well enough to make it a desirable and rewarding career

Remove the profit motive entirely, make education 100% funded by the state. No private schools, no private colleges, nada.

@sir @doenietzomoeilijk I'm glad you're including "meta-stuff". I really annoys me when people say school should just bo job training. We're trying to raise citizens not worker drones.

A few favorite quotes re: teaching/education follow:

There is no way to help a learner to be disciplined, active, and thoroughly engaged unless he perceives a problem to be a problem or whatever is to-be-learned as worth learning, and unless he plays an active role in determining the process of solution.

- Neil Postman, Teaching as a Subversive Activity

@sir it seems one of the first subjects they attack is always history. When it's "unpatriotic" to teach the real history of your own country, in context, something is deeply wrong.

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