Encryption is a human right

@sir Yes !
Everyone has the right to perform mathematical operations (just what encryption is)

@jpfox @sir the "It's just math!" argument is a fairly weak one, I think. To people who think encryption should be criminal, I imagine it sounds like defending theft with "I'm just carrying stuff around", or saying that chemical weapons are "just doing chemistry".

The real argument should be that we have an inherent right to privacy.

You're right @locrian
The same way, anybody knows that a knife could be a weapon, but owning, selling or buying a knife is not forbidden... just because it's a tool, like maths or encryption.

@sir It's protected by the fucking First Amendment of the US Constitution, and yet, Congress punts a bill around trying to undermine it at least once a year. It's such fucking bullshit.

For more information about fucking bullshit:

@sir I 100% agree. I have nothing to hide, but that doesn't mean I want governments or big corporations snooping in on my data and conversations.

@sir It seems that the end-to-end encryption has an expiration date in the old continent. They say that It will be an open door in some cases. The problem, as always, is who open that door and if they are going to respect the privacy of normal citizens or (as many suspect) it will be just an another excuse to spy all of us.

Anyway, the history says that the computer science is always faster than the laws so... Good luck with the future apps as Signal, Element, Viber, Silence...

Privacy is a human right. Encryption is just a tool that enables privacy, a bit like a safe.

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