My experience as a poll worker in Pennsylvania


For those who asked me to write this up

@goofy Thank you. I didn't understand why he needs to hide it behind an extremely niche portal.

@contrapak @goofy
If you don't want to use gemini, use the http proxy for this post:

I found that @goofy s link does not work for me.

@sir Thanks for sharing your experience! This convinced me to work as a poll worker in future years.

I'm surprised that Philadelphia's BMDs are not also used as the ADA machines. Also sad to know the cops thought intimiding you would be appropriate.

hmm not reachable at least through the portal... is that the gemini server going down under the load? :)

@sir Very interesting writeup, thanks a lot!

Is it mandatory to give a party affiliation when voting? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of a free and secret vote?

@bfiedler your party affiliation is a matter of public record, and you're not required to vote along party lines

@bfiedler @sir Many states' primary elections are 'closed primaries' in which only registered party members may vote on who will represent their party in the subsequent general elections.

@sir interesting read, thanks for the write-up and the effort to explain the process!

@sir Thanks for the interesting story! Good to hear about all the redundancies in dealing with the machines, I hope it's like that in all states, I'm very skeptical of electronic voting attempts. Along with the election outcome, your story gives me a bit more faith in the US democracy, though from a Dutch perspective, your electoral college and two party system still seems bonkers to me... ;)

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