Did you know that Plan 9 is a very cool operating system used by very cool people to do very cool things

@zachdecook @sir

9front can, if you have a supported WiFi card, install the firmware, rebuild the kernel, and run the commands in `man wpa`.

I see... I tried it with a raspberry pi 3 some months ago without success. Are there any resources (besides the source code) that might help with WiFi card support?

@zachdecook @sir These are the supported WiFi cards:

If you don't have compatible hardware, a cheap second-hand ThinkPad will do. They almost always come with Intel WiFi cards, and their three mouse buttons + trackpoint are very well suited for plan9's mouse-driven workflow.


So, I guess I'm looking for a small computer which has a pci slot or mini pci slot, (I'm not looking for a laptop form factor), then I just need to buy one of those cards. I would hope to get something <$50, though my alternative is stringing ethernet cables across the house so the setup would be useful.

@sir might as well boot TempleOS after testing Plan9, jk

@sir > to do very cool things

(citations needed)

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