@sir Looks cool, but I just can't bear that font.

@nothien no one asked you what you thought about the font

@nothien @sir why are you apologising? no one asked him what he thought about what you thought about the font.
@sir why're you building go on taiga rather than cirno?

@ecs bootstrapping from linux machine, over SSH

@sir fwiw I couldn’t compile Go because I didn’t have enough ram on my 9front machine but building it on my Linux machine with GOOS=plan9 and copying a few files worked like a charm

@glenda I've built go on plan 9 many times, never had issues

@sir couldn’t make it with 1Gb of RAM but maybe I was doing something wrong

@glenda @sir i built it successfully on 512mb of ram, just set up some swap

@sir you've inspired me to install Plan9 in a VM. I've only toyed with it superficially in the past. My goal is to do real actual dev work this time.

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