To compile and run unknown and obfuscated code.

@sir Aesthetically pleasing. Wish some programming languages could be written like that and still be useful / readable. Words, sentences, paragraphs, pages. But I guess nesting, and some basic control structures, would be hard to depict in a readable way.

Well, until then, my aesthetic sense will have to make do with programming my fellow humans with natural language, and all the context-dependent imprecise interpretation that comes with it.

@rozenglass @sir
> Words, sentences, paragraphs, pages
Sounds like Cobol

@rozenglass You can use .docx files as source! Then you can color code blocks for more obvious control strucutres. If you want to stay libre, you could also use LibreOffice.


@tobtobxx @rozenglass @sir There's also literal programming. You can use org-mode, web and some languages even have it builtin or as a package.

Reducing number of bugs by reducing number of LoC.

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