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@person @sir it’s a scummy content farm with crappy practices, ✨social networking✨, and paywall shenanigans. All wrapped up as a pseudo blogging/writing platform. For “free” (terms and conditions apply[1]).


@person @sir A lot of things.

In addition to the issues @nathand pointed out, it also is a place where people put awful bullshit in order to make it look like it was published reputably, because somehow many people assume Medium is a news outlet with journalistic standards.

@person @sir I can't speak for him, but from my perspective:
- Encouraging the writing of free articles that benefit a platform designed to hide them behind paywalls
- A culture of creating articles that are thinly veiled advertisements for bad software companies

Other concerns include JavaScript, abuse of trust, terrible not - quite - markdown formatting, nonfree software with proprietary format, obnoxious SEO, paywalls, some lack of control over your own work, etc

@person @sir non-free, shitty paywalls, literal content farm-tier articles, i.e. incredibly low quality, muh SEO

need i say more?

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3. Ah, it's either medium, or twitter, or Facebook, or instagram, or...

@musicmatze @sir A firefox plugin that shows warnings on flagged sites would save a click.

@sir I preffer Devto over medium cause is open! :blobcatcoffee:

@sir Medium, where posts aren't rare but they also are not well done.

@sir replace with blogspot, livejournal or tumblr and overall nothing would change about your message.


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