We can do better than DuckDuckGo


@sir I really like the idea of domain specific search engines. It would be great if tools would be built in a way that would allow creation of specialized search engines with their own unique and useful UIs and features so meta search engines could not just consume their results and eat their "market share".


>The authoritative sources for anything I want to find are almost always buried beneath 2-5 results from content scrapers and blogspam. This is also true of other search engines like Google. Search engines are highly vulnerable to abuse and they aren’t doing enough to address it.

Exactly. Also, I like your approach for a new search engine.

@tagomago @sir that would also mean that I could have an in-house search engine that replicates the upstream data.

@sir Do you think there would be merits in allowing answer services that? So, having the search request centralized by also have things that handle "define questionable" or "1 + 2" or (my common one) "7 inches -> cm"?

Or would not be included out of scope?

Or just something that is built in?

(Love the idea.)

@sir it almost feels as though you could have specific “content types” categorised e.g. “blog post”, “reference document”, etc.

@ols I reckon the specifics like this would be sorted out in the implementation details

@sir i suppose also “format”, similar to Google’s filetype, with values such as html, gemini, gopher, man, pdf, etc.

@sir so if I wanted to search specifically for gemini based blog posts about solarpunk, I could do

@sir are you aware of the, now defunct, cliqz? IIRC a conclusion they arrived was that govts should get involved investing in such a project since of the (as you point out in the article) it gets expensive.

@sir with the number of people
using paetron/openclective I would wager that model of support would work out ok. Tbh its kinda how I personally use srht. I like your stuff. I have three small repos but I wanna support your work.

I could see a federated index working as well though the protocol design matters greatly there.

@sir like the whole European continent is like "but what replace tech monopolies with?".. Way overestimating the effort and cost of replacing them. (And forgetting that for, i.e. social networks, it already exists)

@jasper @sir like there's several state-owned car manufacturers in europe, surely it's more than possible to do that with internet infrastructure

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