My favorite thing about being a programmer is having to use my skills to circumvent all the stupid bullshit other programmers force me to endure

I can't imagine what using a computer is like for a noob

@sir "What? That's just how things work".

Too many take the shithole most software worlds are and just say "well what can I do" and move along. Even when provided with good solutions and such...

@sir having 3 noobs (aka kids) I can safely say they role with the punches but have no acceptance for latency.

@sir less frustrating I guess. They just accepts all that shit as it is.

@sir for a noob- you just use whatever is given, and when stuff doesn't work, you don't use it anymore. I tried to get my mother to use libreoffice, but she ran into all sorts of errors with Impress. So, back to MS and google she goes. I can't do tech support for her all the time, and most problems I can't fix.

@sir I imagine this is how chefs feel when people go to McDonald’s.

@sir It sucks, man. You basically eat whatever shovel-full of dogshit is placed before you. With all the normalization of exclusively using cloud storage and whatnot, it seems people are accepting less and less control over what they own and how they operate. It seems like people are being primed for slavery. So I think it's going to get worse.

Without even knowing how to code, just switching to Linux can make you realize how much people are being bent over with the commercial grade operating systems.
@sir I don't think normies care that much about user experience. Like a car or a calculator, it's just something that gets them from point A to point B. I don't even think the concept of an ideal user experience even occurs to them. Most of them have a slave mentality, or perhaps better put, a compartmentalized slave mentality where they may have high standards with certain aspects of their life but not others. And that slave acceptance is conditioned by a society controlled by tech corporations. Go to any mainstream tech website, and you'll find professional writers reinforcing that slave acceptance or "manufacturing consent" as others might say.

Also, personal computers are a somewhat new phenomenon compared to other things like vehicles or houses. It's widespread usage started off with middle-aged men grudgingly using them for professional reasons and cared little about interface. It hasn't really had time for the artistic concept behind it to really take off (similar to video games). But I think that may change as Linux becomes more popular and with kids who grew up with PCs taking a greater interest in the UI than their boomer dads.
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