When you start a tech company, think craigslist, not amazon.


I have literally never heard anyone say anything negative about craigslist

ideally make it a worker- and/or customer-owned cooperative. primary problem with tech companies in the current iteration is that they cannot afford to simply exist as they are; they have to grow to meet investors' demands for monetization. so the trajectory for start-ups is to start out good and then get ruined, chewed up and spit out by capital.

@klivemachine or just don't take VC, which is sourcehut's approach

@sir @klivemachine but how else can you grow 10x month-over-month????!?!!?

It occurs to me as I write this that covid and VC-backed companies have something in common: they both exhibit destructive exponential growth.

@sir They shut down the classifieds.

That was a bad day
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