I would be cool with it if someone wanted to set up mailing lists on for things other than programming stuff, like casual discussion, interest groups, local shit, w/e. That sort of thing is part of why I don't strongly tie resources together, so you aren't forced to e.g. have a repo before you can have a mailing list.

Someone ran a D&D group on back in the early days

@sir I started a mailing list for a a micro game jam so people could talk about micro rpg games on

Nobody used it though. :(

@jameschip note that does nothing to help you market or promote your list

@sir no. I thought it might be a bit of a long shot, put a link to it on the website.

44 micro games later but nobody on the mailing list, all the talk went to twitter.

@sir I'm starting a linux community in my hometown. I already created a mailing list on sourcehat with the intent of teaching my fellow citizens how to use it and then using it for technical support and discussions.

@sir That's very good to know...

Is that part of the info pages somewhere?

@kemonine no, but neither is it disallowed. It's okay for people to be creative with the tools

@sir I replaced comments and a call to Twitter with a discussions list on my install. I forget which srht user I got that idea from but it's a great use case for them.

@PeterSanchez probably from me 😉 I added a public-inbox to my blog as soon as was live

@sir Hah, probably. I forgot you also do that. Either way, I like the idea.

@PeterSanchez there are 295 mailing lists called public-inbox on now, so I guess it caught on

@sir No one subscribes to it, but I put up a general discussion list for my fantasy world on

@sir I'm running a cyberpunk related list on ~gsthnz/, to discuss and document cyberpunk culture :)

@sir I wanted to use it for communal discussion between residents in my building. But then remembered I'd have to explain how to send plaintext email to everybody and their grandma and gave up. :-/

@sir that's funny you posted this. I was curious of this a few days ago buy never got around shooting an email to your public inbox to ask.

@sir I started one for the local chaos engineering community but I didn’t market it enough, it’s still there though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I would love to use it to organize an email list, but I'd first want the history to be private, and for the list owner to be able to add/remove addresses at will. (For some reason, I'm not cool with posting my friend's home addresses on the public internet... not that anyone would SWAT our parties, but in this day and age....)

@zachdecook you can configure these things on

@sir props btw for auto-breaking lines after submission. This makes it easy for newcomers to take part without having an "advanced" client, and still adhere to the best practices.

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