@sir To be honest, I don't see a problem with the fact that they can run ads on your video no matter what. I mean, hosting a video website like this is hugely expensive and when so many videos are just typical Mom's clips with children to send them to a cousin etc.… I mean, they still take space, they still take bandwidth.

I mean, I really want to hate Youtube for something, I don't like Google for what they do with the data (and thus use their services rarely… except for YT), but with all the things people like to complain about YT, like demonetization, ContentID etc.. – all these things make sense in a way that I just can't be angry on them. I might be angry on our copyright system (which is the reason why ContentID exists) for example, but what Youtube does… isn't actually that bad? At least not in the context.

@naruciakk ads are manipulative, if not plainly exploitative, and are inherently wrong

@sir @naruciakk In the context of this cartoon, the "bad" part is that the people who don't like YouTube's choice cannot just go somewhere else, because "we handed control of our social world to" YouTube already.

A business making a choice that some people disagree with isn't a big deal as long as there are plenty of alternatives for concerned parties to go to instead, but much like the .doc centralized control of document processing around MS Office, YouTube has centralized video content discovery around itself.

So there is Drew's point, that the YouTube ads are bad, and there is the cartoon's point, that we have given up and lost our chance to choose something else. Whether you agree with the first part doesn't change the second part, and that is (in my opinion) the bigger problem.

I also want to acknowledge that there are many different groups of people trying to offer up alternatives to YouTube, so yes alternatives do exist, but it is a very very uphill climb because of YouTube's dominance.
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