Update on my pile of cardboard

It is now two piles

It is now worth ~$2400

Notable finds so far:

- A misprint Swamp
- 11+ cards with altered art
- FNM Promo Cabal Coffers ($103)
- 3 cursed cards
- Some Japanese cards

@sir Are the Japanese cards special or they're just translations (french and english ones are basically the same things)?

@sir No one cares, but in primary school, I remember being bored enough to create (and laminate, mind you) my own entire deck of cards based on the stealth video game Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, with PowerPoint.

The teacher thought I had contraband, clocked, then proceded to show my bare creation to the class. I thought I was done for, but then some girls were making their own decks. idk wth was happening but it was a good week.

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