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@sir I would like to integrate pass-rotate with #MasterPassword.

mpw concept is to generate unique (per site) passwords on the fly based on your master password. It also provides a "counter" option to generate a different password for the same site when counter is bumped.

e.g. $ mpw foo.bar -> abc
$ MP_SITECOUNTER=2 mpw foo.bar -> def

This means I need a middle-step (where to bump the env variable) between get_password and gen_password. Is this reasonable? If so, I'll file a PR. Tnx

Drew DeVault @sir

@ilpianista that sounds insecure for little benefit

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@sir alternatively I could write a pass-rotate-mpw that is invoked by pass-rotate to read/write the passwords and uses mpw under the hood with the logic I described.

@ilpianista that sounds better, that's how pass-rotate is designed to work