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Drew DeVault @sir

"This header cannot be removed by the Caddyfile, and its presence is required by the non-commercial EULA."

Caddy is now non-free software.

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@sir I'd say it's just outright shitty software.

Time to brew up a tutorial about nginx configuration.

@Michcioperz to be fair nginx has been going south for some time imo.

@sir Examples? I haven't really had issues but I don't follow the release notes

@Michcioperz it just has too many features. We need a small, fast webserver with a defined "done" and then stop adding features to it.

@sir I see your point, but I think it doesn't really apply to me

@sir Oh damn it. Why is everything nice ruined at some point 😭

@xj9 I guess. I don't know who I trust to maintain it.