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I still love my tumblr theme, it's so nice. (got it from the internet and changed some colors and other things hehe) mastodon.social/media/FqudDgAl

@kit it's based on an i3wm theme the author used or something =3

@MochiWaifu ooo yea that makes sense!

i3 is (i think? if i'm remembering my words right?) the one i expect to end up using on the ibook, tbh, since it's so simple...

@kit i3 looks super cool, but I think I wouldn't use it mostly because I'm just such a big visual person x)
I've heard it's very fast though if you learn how to use it =D

@MochiWaifu i'm usually all about the aesthetics, also recently since i learned htop uses about 5% the cpu of "activity monitor" and running it in osx's multi-fullscreen thing..

with chrome or discord in the other panel, taking up most of it.. just kinda made me feel like trying i3 for real, because it reminded me of it

but ofc with osx i can just leave fullscreen to get transparency and wallpapers and stuff back of course

@kit ah, sad.
running htop in bashforwindows shows just linux stuff. I figured since the task manager can show running .ELF programs the reverse would work too. RIP

@MochiWaifu oh nooooo. i knew BFW would crash stuff if you tried to make files or folders in the windows side, even though it can read them

and i knew cygwin only showed its internal things

but fsr i would've expected htop in BFW to see it, but idk why i expected that rly

but yeh thankfully osx is a BSD htop just plays nice with it

though two of my processes (which it is changes) say it takes 18G and 530G of virtual-mem even tho activity monitor disagrees, but matches all else. weird

@kit oh, that's weird! making folders and files on my windows partitions works fine from bash! it's really nice
sounds like something bugged, or maybe it was like that in the earlier versions. :s I only used it once it left insider and was made available to everyone

That's the one thing I envy macOS for, all the good Unix stuff you can do with it, without any problems. :V

@MochiWaifu yeah, totally. that's the main reason i'm still using my imac despite having a mostly-higher-specced self-built box (with windows now, but could have others easily), because osx gives me that flexibility when i want it but the prepackaged stability when i don't wanna think about it

and hackintoshes lose most of that so i'd have better luck with drivers for linux or BSD on the hardware than with hackintosh stuff

@MochiWaifu though ofc also the imac _is_ still a high quality screen, and pretty decent speakers, and a DVD drive. and my currently-external monitor is a bit lower image quality (but higher Hz) so i'd honestly want a different one to be the main if i did switch over everything to my new box

@kit yeah, if apple can do ONE thing, then it's well built hardware. Hackintoshes sound like pain, considering every update breaks at least one driver, and the OS wasn't really made to replace and add those anyway. :V

I'm kind of bound to windows because of all the games, and some pieces of software, so I hope bash for windows will turn into something even better. But for everything else, I'm glad I run linux on my laptop as a daily driver now. So much flexibility!

@MochiWaifu yeah! and ubuntu, fedora and, uh.. one other are coming to the windows store (ubuntu is there already actually) to run as like. apps? which, i mean, idk, but i'm hoping the advantage there is better performance than a more generic thing like virtualbox maybe? like automatically configuring the hardware hooks from windows' drivers and stuff? that's total speculation on my part though

@MochiWaifu and the apple hardware is.. preeeettty good but all pretty like. high end of the mid range? if that makes sense?

my blue yeti mic has a built in DAC which is about 5-10% better than the imac's built in

and the imac screen despite having great colours, crushes a lot of dark greys which my 'worser' monitor shows up fine. i think from about brightness level 30 down is all black on the imac

@kit Yeah! They're also far far far too expensive for what they are, hardware wise, imo. The biggest deal breaker for me was the fact that they never include proper GPUs. (The mobile GPUs in the iMacs don't count imo)

They're good systems if you don't want to spend a lot of time hand picking the best parts, screens, etc, but there will always be better stuff of course

@MochiWaifu ah yeah. i didn't pay for my two current macs (though i did for my macbook in 2008), though at the time i did just research On The Apple Site and it's all "AMD Discrete Graphics" and i was all 'ooh'

though now i understand GPUs much better, since i built my own system. (it was a budget build, with a RX480 being the most expensive part by far)

@kit hehe, the only reason I got a macbook back then was because I had an iPhone, and because the school I was gonna go to had a full macOS system and network, so with a windows laptop I would have had a bad time trying to juggle files and stuff. It did serve me very well, at least till I started studying game art and needed a beefy GPU for all the 3d stuff.

The RX480 is fairly okay, not all thaaat budget though imo. :p

@MochiWaifu shrug, wanted better than the 460/1050, and the 1060 was more expensive than the 480, and the 470 was like 95% the price and power of the 480 so i just went and got the 480

every other part is like the most basic that can still use it well, like games consoles do (it just so happens with the improvements over time, the i3-7100 is quite a bit better in single core, and about 80% as good in multicore, as my i7-2600)

@kit GPU pricing at the moment is really terrible. A generation before these ones every single one was at least a tiny bit more affordable.

Mhm! I heard the newer i3 are really fast for what they are, it's nice! It probably runs circles around my FX in single core mode haha

@MochiWaifu hm, i was under the impression it was a big improvement this time! the 480 and 1060 are about as good as the 970, for slightly over half the price, after all :o i know with nvidia 9x0 to 10x0 they raised the price in the bracket, but amd didn't, at least with uk prices (which're always worse anyway)

and i got my 480 when it was on big sale a few months ago

@kit I don't actually know if AMD changed their pricing, but nvidia raised the price a lot. My 980 was around 200 to 300€ cheaper than the 1080 on launch. That's why I'm most likely gonna keep it if I build a new rig if I ever find a job. But yeah, the performance difference is actually kinda gigantic, it's really crazy how much faster they are. I wonder if they can keep that up for the next gen of gpus

@MochiWaifu ah well, amd's 'next gen' at least isn't, haha

my 480 is a nitro+ oc'd one, which is as fast as the reference 580

though there is rx vega upcoming i suppose, maybe that can be good

i kinda suspect nvidia's 11x0 and maybe 12x0 would be incremental, the 6x0, 7x0 and 9x0 were incremental, weren't they? this generation was the die shrink that made all the difference

@kit Hm, yeah I think you're right. Although they constantly keep trying to push 4K so they're gonna have to bring some bigger upgrades imo, even though the 1080 Ti is apparently the perfect 4K gpu?

@MochiWaifu pft, even the 1080 Ti can't hit 60 FPS at 4K on most games (well, maybe it can if you turn off like.. everything. i'm just remembering ~benchmark~ numbers)

it's certainly the best right now but i'd not call it perfect

@kit I just read that some people enjoy smooth 60fps and were happy, so I derpily assumed max settings hehe

Drew DeVault @sir

@MochiWaifu @kit if you put some time into customization, an i3/sway desktop can look very sexy