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Is it in poor taste to make fun of Windows users if anything they could use to respond is encrypted by malware Show more

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@sir no, but *is* a bit silly. There's not much making Linux desktops less vulnerable to ransomeware.

They might tend to be updated more vigorously, but mostly we're not an economical userbase to target.

@RAOF the exact entry vector of WannaCry is unknown afaik, but it's likely related to behaviors that are common among Windows users and largely absent among Linux users (i.e. frequently installing software through side channels instead of trusted software from your repositories)

@sir I don't think installing software through side-channels is in any way absent from Linux users, although *maybe* it's less frequent.

@RAOF it's *much* less common, especially among novice users

@sir I admittedly don't have a lot of data to draw on!

But from my experience with advanced users (developers of Ubuntu!) we all have at least a couple things installed from side-channels.

Hell, we even built the whole PPA system to make an *easier* side-channel for installing marginally-trustable things.

@RAOF also, the world is bigger than Windows and Linux 😉