Updates on Linux: "hey cool more free shit, I'll upgrade when it's convenient to me"

Updates on Windows: "fuck you time to reboot let's get some more spyware up in this bitch"

@sir also
Linux: why does stuff not work, checks last update

Windows: why does stuff not work? what did that last update do, fuck me

@sir "and we have to reboot this bitch it v e r y s l o w l y"

@sir Upgrading on linux: "I'll just go ahead and install this now because I can trust the thing to not restart without my approval."

@sir "Or screw up important features I rely upon, or install useless bloatware, or..."

@sir unless it's ubuntu, in which case it may be spyware ;)

@sir that's a good old meme but linux now more often than not gets all shittified by update and needs reboot too (thanks shitstemd)

@sir i'm 100% on team linux here, but let us not kid ourselves: plenty of package upgrades are "oh shit, openssl again", etc.

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