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Drew DeVault @sir

We don't deserve plan9, it's too beautiful to live

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@sir yeah, all we deserve is unix. Hint: that's what we're volountarily stuck with.

@sir Plan 9 is the Chinese knock-off version of Domain/OS

@calvin @sir Domain/OS looks closer to Inferno than Plan 9.

@bb010g @calvin in any case the network shit is only a minor part of why plan9 is a beautiful snowflake

@calvin @bb010g personally I'm in it for the kernel, stdlib, thread model, shell, and userspace design (not including rio)

@sir do you run it? If so could you make a tutorial on installing it and also remotely connecting to a plan9 machine?

@deavmi I use 9front, which has its own installation instructions here: fqa.9front.org

@sir thanks. I used this one last time but installed it to a VM. Are you running it on bare metal?

@deavmi I have run it on qemu and on bare metal in the past. Currently I'm not using it for anything serious.