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Drew DeVault @sir

Please don't use emoji in source code comments, debug logs, or god forbid - symbol names

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@sir I once broke the CD pipeline or something by including an emoji in a commit message.

A++++ would do it again, this is how we find out what systems are not Unicode-clean.

@sir I also found out that Jira (at least in a very common configuration) doesn't take astral-plane characters in comments, which made it a little harder to file a ticket about that...

@varx @sir I agree we should aim for systems to be "unicode clean" whenever possible, (esp for working with multilingual content)

but at the same time its not uncommon (at least stuff I do) to end up interfacing with legacy equipment that is IA5/ASCII only and I still sometimes prefer to edit some of my code using terminal windows etc rather than modern IDEs)