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Drew DeVault @sir@cmpwn.com

Spent some time in the past couple of days polishing receptor a bit


I had a really stupid idea for a comic. Warning: really stupid: cmpwn.com/media/r8fLn_f5PUViwf

Postal service picking up letters for Santa from the crowd cmpwn.com/media/CcTm096q1DOCP4

Woot woot got HiDPI working nicely on wlroots/rootston!

This was a HUGE pain in the ass, but it looks really great in the end.

cmpwn.com/media/KWH9SUXyHILcST cmpwn.com/media/uIVLqGbGSb7OAA

I have started shipping out Sway stickers to Patreon backers at $5/month or more! patreon.com/sircmpwn cmpwn.com/media/fTVcBix8iYcCAm

Organized and summed: 464G