I've tried setting up birdsite accounts a few times, just so I could answer questions from Twitter users about SourceHut.

First they wanted my phone number, which I did not want to give them. I found out today that they stopped requiring this, so I tried to sign up again.

Less than 5 minutes later:

These speeds are more like it

Coming soon to a git host near you

Similar scores for the marketing pages of Sourcehut competitors

My score was originally slightly lower (still green in all 3 categories), but fixing it was as easy as two cache-control headers and a rel="noopener" -25/+25 patch

Early demo of a Wayland client which renders 3D fractals in VR space

Welcome our newest awardees! 🎉





And our first awardee of the second reward, for keeping up with their new blog!


The initiative has brought 30 new blogs to the internet, all based on free and open source technologies - yours could be next: drewdevault.com/make-a-blog

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