Celeste is one of the best games ever made

@lanodan referring to the DRM leasing patches. There's patches for wlroots, sway, xwayland, and some others which I don't think are required for SteamVR

@lanodan patches exist to get SteamVR working on sway

@jordan31 they just announced a new RISC-V board with a Mini-ITX form factor

@dearrude oh no, did I give the rustite's ego a lil' boo-boo

@coldacid one is running a WIP FUZIX port, one is running CP/M, another KnightOS, and the last one is not technically z80: it's a gameboy color

Er, correction:
+1 x86_64
+1 arm64
+1 OpenRISC1k

+0 Rust support
+1 C support

Fun fact: Rust runs on 2 of these, and "runs" on two more, and ""runs"" on another.

C runs on all of them.

@jordan31 I have two HiFive 1's and a HiFive Unleashed

List of CPU architectures represented at my workstation:
- z80 (x4)
- x86_64 (x3)
- arm64 (x2)
- riscv32 (x2)
- riscv64 (x1)
- m68k (x1)
- armv7 (x1)

At the moment it's because I am ass deep in debugging the segment allocator code in this kernel

Sometimes I get a brief and total glimpse at the true depths of systems code atop which my application software runs

Is recursion supposed to be difficult? I don't get how someone would not get it.

@bortzmeyer it does not provide more security than self signed certificates. TOFU provides better security in most circumstances and CA's can be subverted. Do you understand what TOFU is?

@bortzmeyer yes, this is not in the spec, but it is the recommended best practice among gemini users. In fact, good gemini servers don't even have the sysadmin involved in certificate maintenance at all - they can automatically generate and renew self-signed certificates for any domain.

@bortzmeyer please don't use CA signed certificates! Gemini uses TOFU and we should not be encouraging the CA cabal to invade our new protocol.

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