@lanodan this is a fake story

Pencils caused problems with fine particles in the spacecraft's atmosphere

Both agencies ultimately switched to pressurized pens.

If I could have any rare MTG card I'd pick Time Walk

@lucky okay, I can relate to this

but I wouldn't use a Saturn V for anything else

@hierarchon you should try the old Shahrazad deck I used to run

@vandys totally agree! I would relate this to computing by comparing it to my fondness for older hardware, like floppy discs, hardware terminals, teletypes, etc.

Misread a headline as "Twitter OS" and had a brief heart attack

@sir I love opening a newspaper to read an article and having said newspaper stalk me and obsess over every detail of my personal life 😅

@lucky when was the last time you went to the moon

Also in case it's not clear web browsers are the Saturn-V of software and that is not a compliment

I don't want to drive a fucking Saturn-V to the grocery store

To extend this metaphor a bit more

A ballpoint pen is something that literally everyone finds useful. It does its job and does it very well, and you hardly even think about it. It is universal.

The Saturn V is super cool but it is not useful for anything outside of one very specific problem and that is a nation state sending people to another world.

Basically every software designed for the daily user should take its cues from the ballpoint pen. There's a place for Saturn V software, but that place is, like, CERN, not your webshit thing.

When you design software, aim more for "ballpoint pen" and less for "Saturn V"

The world would be a better place where, when someone encounters something confusing or which doesn't meet their preconceptions, they first tried to learn and understand it before rewriting a bunch of software and shoving all of their notions of correct into the domain

This one is kind of subtle so to be clear I'm talking about the influence of windows and mac on linux

“Why do people find DNS so difficult? It’s just cache invalidation and naming things.”

One of those nights when I am acutely aware of the vast mountain of work that awaits me in the course of realizing my ideal computing environment

I don't really enjoy those nights

How could I have forgotten to put on supercell - ODDS&ENDS to test drive the new cans

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