I should also put up a review of my RISC-V board on my blog

@stevenroose this is all work stuff. If I made money I would be in a bigger space 😑

Second blackbird mostly set up, worked OOTB 😁

Postgres docs are pretty fucking good

@mariusor I basically use sway as "tmux but with a web browser"

Coming up on 100,000 builds ran on sourcehut. What kind of build will get the 100,000th?

@nifker it is? <video src="/example.webm"></video>

And for the record, there's still no JavaScript in this video.

It works 🎉 pretty fucking cool if I do say so myself.

@codesections aside from the shitty terminal, I consider dvtm to be finished

It would be cool to see dvtm reimplemented with a non-shit internal terminal emulator

@tristan957 I've been planning this project for years. There are no good GUI toolkits

I really like the pacing of the lyrics in this song

Repost, but nice anyway


きくお (Kikuo) - カラカラカラのカラ (Kara Kara Kara no Kara)

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