@kick you have to use stripe.js to collect credit card numbers. If CC#'s ever touch your server then you have to get PCI certified.

Through a lot of trail and error and an obscene amount of wasted paper, I now have a LaTeX template which prints braille text backwards with the correct spacing to line up with the cells of my puncher. It was so much work that it might be worth it to just buy an expensive-ass braille printer straight up.

@Wolf480pl almost! I don't have i686, and the gameboy CPU is not actually z80. There's also two variants of RISC-V - one with and without an MMU.

@Wolf480pl if they are 32/64-bit, or one has an MMU, then yes

My desk is so fucking busy. I have no fewer than 16 general purpose CPUs within reach, representing 9 different CPU architectures, and about a million cables connecting them all to each other, not to mention about a billion peripherals

@amolith this was via support, and yes, I am going to keep pestering them.

Steam has refused to issue me a refund for Rocket League, after the developers announced they'd be dropping Linux support.

@kev huh, I totally disagree. The moderation on Lobsters is really self-interested and fickle, and there's little done to protect any opinions which differ from the mainstream. I've seen a lot of trolls and hateful threads go unmoderated just because they agree with the party line. The platform also has a censorship problem, in which they merge new posts into old posts even if they're tangentally related - for example, if an article spreading misinformation front pages on Lobsters, the rebuttal posted the next day will be quickly merged into the original thread which, by then, is on the second page and already passed through most Lobsters reader's purview.

The HN mods go out of their way to try and make a community which is diverse and representative of a broad set of viewpoints. Sometimes this goes too far and allows really dissonant opinions to be surfaced, but on the whole I think this approach is better.

@bsd thank you. If you and your son are willing, it would be great to have you help test the improvements I'm working on in the future.

I just sent my first set of patches building out better accessibility support for Alpine Linux - blindfolded 😉

@nloomans the reason this is here is because the commit box thing that link is inside of is a reusable component. If you file a ticket somewhere I'll look into a better approach when I get the chance.

@lanodan @superluser no but this laptop is named cirno becase it's usually used for 9front

@sir OK after looking up the word cirno and seeing a blue anime grill I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track

@sir Looking up the tables it looks like "yyt cirno login"? Or is it meant to say TTY?

@superluser ding ding ding! My hostname is cirno and this is the login screen

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