70,000 build jobs completed on builds.sr.ht 🎉

@lord it's not the order you specify them, but the three most recent articles among all your feeds (no more than one per feed)

Thanks to Chris for donating enough funds to support another two new blogs for the initiative 🎉 the budget will now support 7 blogs. Make yours today!

And thanks to everyone for all of the nice emails ❤️

This has been shipped

You can see it on the initial billing setup, or on meta.sr.ht/billing if you're logged in

If 1,202.4978 sr.ht users paid for their account, 13.37% of sr.ht users would be paid users

@stick @kf I would love to make mail.sr.ht someday, but boy am I busy

@stick @kf the second idea sounds like a great option for making aerc insecure. Try hydroxide instead of the proprietary bridge instead:


Or consider switching to a mail provider which cares about free software and open, standard protocols 😉

@stick @kf you just want smtp://, no starttls option set. If you can turn off the bridge's STARTTLS support, it should work. It's designed to be hard to set up insecurely.

When you correct someone on terminology, you deeply hurt your chances at winning them over to your worldview. You should be willing to sacrifice the correct words if it means you can win the correct thoughts

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