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Drew DeVault @sir@cmpwn.com

Hi from Berlin, hanging out with @jdiez

@alex never entirely it can't, no testing environment is perfect

@alex yeah, but you _can't_ roll it back. The risk/reward is whack, just say "no" to 301

@alex it works just as well and can be undone if it was a mistake

I have almost always regretted using a 301

@kr that is not an accurate translation :<

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@Wolf480pl the landscape has changed a lot since then, we're submitting it again shortly and I think it'll go better.

@Wolf480pl oh man I forgot about this, this is a really old version of the protocol

@Wolf480pl wayland ML has never been asked about it

Packing all my shit and getting ready to head to Berlin to meet the team

Also, there's pretty much no reason to ever use 301

Hey guys

Don't return 302 when you should be returning 404

That's all

@alex worth mentioning that I had a nice telescope as a kid and am not necessarily a stranger to astronomy though