@ivesen you can also use wdisplays for a GUI, but I don't think it has persistence yet

@christianbundy @jrswab in fact, it's often the opposite. Plaintext emails are just the text, and that's pretty easy for a TTS to read. HTML emails are a nightmare for accessibility. And why "skip to content" when there's nothing but content?

@nergal it's sloooooooooow like 20+ seconds per page load, if they load at all, and search is basically impossible to use. They overhauled it to be an SPA though!

@christianbundy @jrswab websites and email are, as a matter of fact, two different things

Why should print books be TeX instead of HTML?

Remember when Thingiverse wasn't dogshit

HTML email is bad and should be considered harmful.


Shout out to @sir for all the useful information on useplaintext.email

#tech #email

I went for a walk this morning and found this chalked at someone's front door

Oh and of course it was also trying to capitalize on COVID-19 in the prose

Received a marketing email (blugh) whose URLs were so full of tracking garbage that they were over 1 KiB each

@ignaloidas it's more important to keep the eggs, rice, and everything else separate, you can get away with three groups

@ignaloidas you don't need to be anal about it, it's just best-effort to make sure everything has contact with the pan

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