@Wolf480pl @alcinnz @strypey engineers do 99% of the work so I spend 99% of my time optimizing for their workflow

@sir @strypey Yeah it's kinda like a stranger came to you and said "I wrote your last will for you, wanna sign it?"

@strypey @Wolf480pl @Michcioperz whether or not this is a "legitimate contribution" is _highly_ debatable

@dek@niu.moe @Wolf480pl I think we can all agree that your face looks funny

@dek@niu.moe emails are written in plaintext and hard wrapped at 72 columns

Doing anything else is objectively wrong

@lesderid and I don't think you have any idea what the performance of AMD cards is like, or frankly even Nvidia cards

@lesderid you replied to my post by doing LITERALLY the thing I was satirizing

"I like to drive the old formula one on my daily commute and to run errands, buy groceries, etc, and every now and then I even take it on the highway. A Ferrari just isn't good enough for me."

- Most people who buy high end nvidia cards because they supposedly have better performance than AMD cards

@Technowix @sir
Like "git is the answer to a question ages long... it existed from the beginning of the world, and many sages searched for it, but Linus was the first to find it and encode it in a C program for all of us to be enlightened"

@Technowix I mean did he discover it in the sense that we discover new physics, not the sense that someone else wrote it

Did Linus invent git or did he discover it

@iarna it's not like those websites were installing PHP patches even when they were available

Status of Alpine on RISC-V:

Lots of stuff works. Some important stuff does not work. I suspect libc bugs, except in one case there might be a kernel bug. Keeping track of some of the stuff here:


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