@Lofenyy mainly for error handling, to branch to an alternative exit condition which cleans up any resources allocated during the function

@superluser write a package for it, send it upstream. Even if there are few users it would still make sense for most distros to have it. If not, run a third-party package repo. There are many situations in which running a third party package repo is appropriate anyway

@zem I want all three: object storage, filesystem storage, and nbd storage. Does glusterfs support this?

New ceph cluster consists of 3 WD external HDDs plugged into a single USB2.0 hub

This is a good plan

The ceph installation procedure is mega fucked

@sir Basically the "stack" became a "heap".

"goto considered harmful" considered harmful

@wim_v12e @cafou aye, but 自分の is a more natural "my" than 私の. But at the same time, we have things like 自動 for automatic, or "self-moving". It's nuanced.

If you don't understand an argument for something, but still use it anyway, you are probably wrong. This is called cargo culting.

Inspired by some dude telling me git's code is bad because it uses goto a lot.

@Wolf480pl I think the author wrote about Maven because that's what they were familiar with. The arguments work anyway.

@kick @xj9 sorry, you weren't unclear, I was just using Docker as a stand-in for all of these systems.

@cafou but that's an oversimplification, that's just their symbolic meanings, in terms of syntax and usage they have their own rules which don't map 1:1 on english metaphors

@cafou the former is more like "I" and the latter is more like "my"

In general, when asked "what do you think about this tool which helps you manage complexity" (Docker, Ansible, etc), my answer will be "I would rather simplify the complex parts out than manage the complexity"

@kick @xj9

>In short, excess choice naturally leads to uninformed and naive people foregoing all choice, which is a problem when shipping defaults that aren't aimed for security.

See, I don't like this part. Because I know my shit, I am capable of reasoning about my system without sane defaults as a crutch. By no means am I against sane defaults, but in this case they're being used as an argument away from learning your shit so you can admin your system properly.

I don't think we should leave this knowledge in the hands of a few dedicated specialists who study systems and security. This is symptomatic of the broader complexity explosion in software. I prefer to design my systems to be as simple as possible so that anyone can easily understand them and reckon about their design and security implications, which leads to far more robust systems than making docker do the right thing by default does.

@jelle I don't like Ansible, either. I don't use any tools at all to fill this niche.

@jelle not into it. These things are a solution looking for a problem

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