@hypolite @silverwizard this reads pretty shallow, master is the default for several version control systems and using the not-default is likely to be confusing to more people than not

I donated $1K between the ACLU and my city's non-profit bail fund in the past 2 months. I went out protesting with and for my peers many times.

I did not change any of my master branches to main, because this is dumb, come on guys

* edited amount, whoops

@ari fine if you want that, but bullying projects who don't bother is going too far. Master is not a slur

It's easy to make shallow virtue signals that give you the same dopamine release as the harder (and more effective) work involved in actually bringing about change, and it sells complatency

Listen, can we stop already with the master -> main thing, please? The keyboard warriors pining for it would find their time much better spent protesting things like the summary execution of the black population by the police. Our priorities are severely out of order here.

@kemonine only in so far as infrastructure under our control is concerned, that is. If your BGP routes get hijacked then that doesn't count against us imo

@kemonine five nines is a goal for the beta, and maybe six nines for the full production system


Maybe SourceHut should do this too. Availability report for January 2020 thru June 2020:

For 46 minutes on June 28th (my birthday!), two pages on git.sr.ht returned 500 errors due to an oversight in the cache treating Redis outages as errors rather than cache misses.

That's it, we were up and running fine for the rest of 2020. Our availability is 99.99% (four nines)

@darckcrystale @Miaourt disable laptop keyboard, place superior keyboard on top :^)

@ky0ko it's basically the introduction of standardized processes in order to create a rigor that engineers have to fall in line with, which is a more efficient approach when you have 10 fresh college grads being hired per minute. It is based on a lack of trust in the engineer's ability to understand and effectively apply their tools under their own initiative

@ky0ko (I didn't just make this up on the spot, I am familiar with the tool you're talking about but your post was kind of vague)

@ky0ko what it does is brainwash the google engineer into participating in a system which is more tightly coupled with and controlled by google

It has no engineering reason to exist

@ky0ko what is repo

Also you should consider using subtrees rather than submodules

@jbauer I read octal, decimal, and hexadecimal numbers from left to right

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