It's impossible to make a good web browser in the same way that it's impossible to make a good magnetic monopole

@tyil @sa0bse I dunno, I think TOML is a big old flop tbh. For unstructured data it's clearly better than INI, but not by a lot and it arrived 20 years too late to supplant it; and for structured data it's clearly worse than other formats. It's only useful somewhere in the middle and that isn't often and it's annoying when you stray outside of the lines

@sa0bse INI is ill defined. A good INI parser will not try to interpret booleans.

@sa0bse in my opinion, INI is not a format which lends itself well to being extended for structured data

@sa0bse yeah, reminded me of how godawful YAML is and how there really isn't anything better

@byllgrim there is not more than one way of doing dicts here, but rather some elements of the dict syntax are optional

YAML is short for Yeets Arbitrarily Munged Language

@closeneough yeah, open question. Will think on it, it's nontrivial

@Wolf480pl yeah, decided that braces were worth it for the simplified context-free grammar they come with

@closeneough updated example is here:

There's only one way to do maps: JSON style except commas are optional (assuming whitespace disambiguates) and "" is optional around keys.

@cjd today in things that totally don't work and provide a false sense of security

@ky0ko that's a z80 instruction first and foremost, I don't know of any games which would find it useful

@ky0ko did you also implement all of the undefined instructions, and the behavior of flag register bits 3 and 5? Games in the wild depend on these behaviors

Now context-free, an ambiguity fixed, and hex/bin/octal integers:

I may implement a parser for this on the train to Tokyo

Here it is again with a more conservative departure from JSON, a grammar, and the diff from JSON's grammar:

@opal more like adding complexity to reduce the noise in my inbox

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