@jfred @ohyran it goes halfway there, actually. Going the rest of the way is possible in theory for the intrepid explorer, but mostly lies outside of wio's domain. You can specify a custom command for wrapping each window in its own Wayland session, and could shove it in a namespace while you're at it.

@derle still waiting for word on the specific dates, I'm afraid

Gonna stream work on wio today


Getting started in a few minutes

@lanodan @ivesen @xj9 wio accomplishes this by running each client in github.com/Hjdskes/cage

I think what you want is do-able here

@nergal each window has its *own* wayland compositor. Every window is shown fullscreen in its respective compositor. Then wio acts like a meta-compositor

@nergal the topmost window is always rendered at the full size of the container

Does mothra have a Linux port yet or what

@ivesen tfw I'm literally testing it by watching weeb concerts right now

Radio shack would have exactly what I need :/

@mariusor network transparency means the Wayland protocol itself works on the network. This is using a second protocol (RDP) to become network-aware

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