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I would thank him but he banned me from the repo, so...

Remember that guy who was fucking with and deleting my comments asking him to remove the commons clause from his license?

Victory! 🎉

That feeling when you put the blade into the rack, boot it up, and everything just works

Don't use JavaScript to mess with scrolling please

Actually, don't use JavaScript please

Tip: hard drives slide into the server much easier if you actually screw them in

Other tip: supermicro has Special Screws that you need to Buy Specifically

For anyone wondering if some "sircmpwn" you see on IRC is actually me or not, I connect to IRC from 2604:bf00:710:0::/64

I met a group of Japanese girls at a cafe a few minutes ago and sat down with them for a chat while I waited for my drink. Was able to chat effortlessly with zero confusion on either side. I'm pretty sure that's the first time that's ever happened. Words can't describe how happy I feel! Only took 2 and a half years of study 🎉

i dont even automatically go and start discord on my computers since irc started being a thing oops
@sir "Lisp programmers know the value of everything, but the cost of nothing."

The perpetual debate between programmers who want to program their computers and programmers who want to program an abstract thing which is not a computer (ex former: C; latter: Java)

My HiFive unleashed has shipped [!!!]

Debian builds starting to come back into service on debian/stretch now available and debian/sid being built

Google really should give a dump of their video annotations to

We are proud to have played our small part in InSight's #MarsLanding. Congratulations NASA!

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