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Chapter 10 of the git book should be the first thing anyone reads about git

I just love putting my email into new forms knowing that I'm going to have the shit spammed out of me forever

The UEFI specification is 5x longer than the famously complicated USB specification

Every copy of the UEFI specification should be found and burned. The ashes should be buried deep in a dark place and the earth above salted.

@sir iridium is a decent choice if for those running OpenBSD -current. Not sure if i'd recommend it on linux unless you've a sandboxing solution set up á la pledge & unveil.

For context:

And people wonder why I take a giant shit on brave any time someone suggests it's good

Not to mention that it's spearheaded by Brendan "redonate Mozilla funds to anti-LGBT causes" "creator of the programming language which enables all suffering on the web" Eitch

While we're talking about alternative browsers, I'd like to remind everyone that Brave and Vivaldi are not an option.

Brave replaces ads with their own and steals money from creators.

Vivaldi is closed source.

Better options (in no particular order, though I personally use qutebrowser):

- qutebrowser
- Pale Moon
- luakit
- Odysseus
- Epiphany

When will we all switch to mothra already

Between Firefox and Chrome, Chromium is the one I trust more. But the real answer is "use qutebrowser".

Actually the real real answer is use web browsers less. Email and IRC works great in the terminal. Try this for mastodon:

bleh, been working too much. Time to relax

Time for some crazy magic Python bullshit

Here comes everyone who's ever written a dumb shell with their dumb ideas on how shells should work

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