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@sir @dankwraith Reminds me of Stallmans argument, that even if you were to restrict use, those who you would want to use the software the least, would probably have the least problems ignoring your requirements.

Or something like that.

@sir +1, freedom of use is important. I would not contribute to software under this non-free license. Software under this license would be neither free software (according to FSF and DFSG) nor open source (OSI definition).

This doesn't forbid giant corporations, this forbids use by small enterpreneurs as well.

In the end, such software would have very limited distribution in the modern world, and very limited audience.

And while the license seems to be carefully phrased, I'm still not a fan of typos:
" e. You may exercise the rights granted in Section 3 for
commercial purposes only if you statisy any of the following:"


There's this weird idea that these giant corporations will actually pay you for your source-available software instead of building it in-house

In practice this doesn't really happen

The classic "I'm going to keep arguing with this person in my feed but not mention them so I don't have to deal with their retorts"

@sir Is this what they call stacking window managers?


Tired: 1337 tilling window managers

WIred: using your file manager and a random dialouge window to prop up your browser window at the right angle.

Chromium built in 1.5 hours on 32 cores

<3 this box

@admin @sir The real question is: how many cores would it take to build chromium in 5 minutes?

The answer is probably that it's impossible because linking is single-threaded and takes more than 5 minutes :o

now that i've finally bothered to upgrade to postgres 11, they had better not release postgres 12 for a few decades

@sir writes so well about why developer tool should be low on fat and high on value.

When almost all commercial websites all going crazy with stuffing content on their webpages, sourcehut feels like a breath of fresh air.

Sourcehut’s spartan approach to web design

I probably just don't follow enough people

Is it just me or does fedi seem kind of quiet recently

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