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@sir This is a fantastic site and a great walkthrough. I'll be sure to bookmark this for reference

"UNIX was not designed to stop its users from doing stupid things, as that would also stop them from doing clever things."

...super cool how Mastodon DoSes any server you post a link to. Another known issue is performance, it takes a second to generate all the metadata (could be cached). If the link doesn't work give it a minute

Behold: the patch review UI

This page is generated from an email thead which happened before the feature was written - it deciphers organic email conversations on patches, no extra metadata or human input required.

(disclaimer: WIP, has some known issues)

It would be great if there was a simple, good-enough web rendering engine

If you ever wonder why I'm short with you, it's because you're probably the 50th post (not an exaggeration) I've read on the subject of whatever we're talking about, and I've probably already issued a rebuttal to at least some of your points 3 or 4 times. Sorry.

Jesus, when did I get 2K followers on here? That explains why I have a constant stream of opinions in my notifications

Man I wish I could just remove conversations from my notifications on Mastodon. I don't even know what the "Mute conversation" button does but it's definitely not what it says on the tin

(0) I believe in free software wholeheartedly, and use exclusively free software in my life. I spend almost every waking hour of my life contributing to free software. Maybe I know what I'm talking about...

(1) Microsoft isn't going away and expecting to break them up is unrealistic and the ultimate exercise in yak shaving.

(2) Trying to fix the capitalist machine that made Microsoft may be a worthwhile goal but like, let's also improve Microsoft without the dependency on ending capitalism.

(3) It's okay to be motivated by profit when you contribute to open source. Commercial use is one of the four essential freedoms of free software as defined by the GNU and the OSI.

(4) Microsoft does a lot of bad things. Spying on users, patent trolling, etc. These are not excused and Microsoft should continue to receive criticism for this.

(5) Publishing, supporting, and contributing to open source is a positive behavior from Microsoft. This is commendable.

(6) Someone beyond redemtion has no incentive to redeem themselves.

(7) Therefore, leveraging (4) to dismiss (5) is not encouraging Microsoft to continue investing in (5) and ultimately serves to subvert Microsoft's willingness to continue improving in this regard.

That's the sum of my argument and I have nothing more to say about it.

@ewok RedHat is a corporation traded on the NYSE and therefore, their work is also tied to profit.

Profit is not evil, nor is it contrary to open source.

@sir @ParadeGrotesque

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