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I just thought I would share how I use my Linux to play games. If you feel like it is worth the reward, then feel free to donate it to the EFF.

Friends don't let friends use hardware raid controllers

Since offering a reward for people to start a blog, a dozen people have sent me emails and mastodon messages asking me to pay up for the blog they created two months ago, or accept their lazy 100 word article about how they set up their "blog", or for their non-technical blog about being discriminated against for their flavor of the week and I'm a priviledged asshole for not giving them money to support their flavor...

Listen. Don't be that guy. You're ruining a good thing.

3. Taking forever to generate an initrd with all this shit crammed into it

Unsolved problems that annoy me about literally every Linux distro:

1. Installing all firmware packages all the time

2. Installing all kernel modules all the time

aerc no longer depends on Python /o/

Shoutout to KDE for being helpful, friendly, collaborative people instead of the turboshit approach favored by a certain other team

Maybe the GNOME team is a Microsoft plant designed to disrupt the Linux desktop

Fact: GNOME's onboarding team is one of the largest buyers of lube in the world. They need it to fit the heads of new contributors all the way up their asses.

Q: What approach is better?

(A) Implementing window decorations once, and getting a consistent look and feel for all applications

(B) implementing window decorations hundreds of times for every different application which calls for them, each with their own look and feel for a patchwork desktop of inconsistent madness, so that when any of them hangs it's impossible to minimize, move, or close them

Now, choose carefully, then never change your mind and work deliberately to block any attempts to find a middle ground

What kind of mentality leads to a healthy and productive community of collaborating open source projects?

(1) We wrote a protocol that allows both parties to choose what suits their design goals best. This allows for maximum compatibility between all of our projects. It was hard work getting it standardized, but we put in the time for the benefit of the community.


And regarding any Wayland program which uses xdg-decoration to avoid CSDs and is unusable on GNOME as a result - let's be perfectly clear. This is a GNOME bug, not a bug in your client. Again, GNOME can shove it.

A counter-PSA about Wayland: if you think CSDs are stupid: you're right! We have a protocol which lets you avoid implementing stupid things:

We fought long and hard for this protocol and GNOME can shove it. You're welcome!

The "feature" of many websites where your search terms are highlighted as you browse the results is fucking terrible

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