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Congrats to Mir for landing layer-shell support, improving interopability between Wayland desktops 🎉

Is it hot because I don't love Jesus? If I accept Jesus into my heart will he bring the Wintertimes back?

Idea: cq

It's like jq but instead of JSON it's the C AST

A survey of 6 libc implementations showed literally every one uses GCC extensions throughout. It's literally impossible to have a working C toolchain which is based on the published standard

GNU doesn't even attempt to get their shit standardized. They just shit out their extensions with no docs and certainly no spec The ecosystem just worsens with every. single. GCC. release.

(1) Spend all day writing a C parser
(2) Expand your test source files to verify it
(3) Remember that GNU exists

Does anyone know of a good standalone C parser?

It would be cool if there were a standalone/headless seeder for peertube

How do people feel about a workflow which uses separate email addresses for working/collaborating and for signing up to websites (not including websites which facilitate work/collaboration)

Will be taking questions live over the phone at 1-855-450-NOAH (6624) during the show

We'll be live at 7 PM Eastern (~1.5 hours from now) to talk about aerc 📻

I'll be making an apperance on the Ask Noah show tonight to talk about aerc

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