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Imagine if the Encyclopedia Brittanica were published online before Wikipedia was big, and people pointed at it as evidence of Wikipedia's inevitable doom

This is how I feel about Google Maps with respect to OpenStreetMap

Sometimes I just want to deliberately downplay "security issues" just to piss of securitybros

In a vain attempt to be productive and produce original content today, I wrote *almost* a chapter of my Wayland book. Only one more section and I'll have written the entire chapter but where did that motivation go

I only have 4,147,200 pixels with my lite travel setup :blobsad:

Made a little thing:

wev, or Wayland event viewer, analogous to X11's xev

Reminder that once your project does one thing and does it well,

Stop. Next project.

Unit testing and TDD culture may be the apex of cargo culting in our industry

Went to the corner store and I apparently spent enough money to draw for some contest, and was proffered a box full of cards to choose from. Did not fit my mental script of "how to interact with a store clerk in Japanese". I was so confused the poor clerk must have thought I was hit by a truck 😶

I didn't win but the consolation prize is a little card with a qtπ from a local idol group, so that's nice

I return! And from Osaka, Japan, no less.

Notice: I'm taking a break from Mastodon and not reading notifications.

Maxed out power sockets at my desk again (32 in use). Need to chain yet another power strip... and buy a fire extinguisher

Note: an ARM build server would be stupidly expensive

Native ARM support on

The good news is that SteamVR on Sway seems to be pretty much good to go with all of these patches in place

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