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Another example is Discord "servers"

Corporate doublespeak is a related concept but doesn't clearly state the harmful intent and results

Similar: corporate gaslighting

Microsoft pretending Windows incorporating ads and spyware is good for the customer, Shell trying to convince us they're into green tech now, Oracle doing literally anything

Just realized we have a term to describe behaviors like calling nonfree software "open source" (like redislabs and it's imitators), or borrowing from creative commons to name a nonfree license "the commons clause", or designing self-serving software which is open source but lacking freedom in important ways (like signal)

Let's start calling this stuff "nonfree gaslighting"

In general I evaluate software from its first principles, rather than the sum of its parts. Incomplete software built on a good foundation has great potential, complete software built on a bad foundation is a recipe for tech debt

The introduction of asyncio to Python is almost as traumatic as Python 2->3. Old code is still compatible, but now it's wrong. It'll be years before it becomes pervasive. The language will be better for it, though.

[unnamed source] on Brave: The web browser division of Bitcoin Idiots, LLC slings mud at the people who write most of the code they ship.

alternative Mastodon front-ends 

Fun fact, GNU coreutils doesn't even bother testing for POSIX conformance

Pushed a full POSIX conformance test suite for ctools (at least for the utilities already implemented)

Programs which fail and then return status code 0 are SUPER COOL GUYS

The answer to "how long does good software take to make" seems to be about 2-3 years

Can we collectively agree to stop putting the MOOV atom at the end of files

mrsh as a login shell: surprisingly comfortable, after writing a number of patches to fix quality of life issues. It's almost done!

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