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Correct: it's hard to make money working on open source software

Correct: it's hard to make money working on open source software, therefore I will make nonfree software

Incorrect: it's hard to make money on open source software, and therefore I will make nonfree software and claim that it's open source

tfw I have already written 2 negative blog posts in a row and I have another 2 negative articles backed up in the queue

I can't wait for our post-capitalist utopia where no one will be incentivized to be a morally decrepit piece of fucking shit

Yes, it will be tremendously expensive to apply heavy trade sactions to China. But it was also tremendously expensive to liberate the slaves from the US south. Money never excuses moral failure.

Does the fediverse have distribution issues? Often I'll send out a bunch of related posts, but someone will reply to one confused, as if they saw it out of context.

You cannot redefine open source because it's more fucking convenient to your fucking wallet.

Nothing makes me angrier than corporatized asshats gaslighting open source. Fuck that shit. Fuck that fucking shit.

The official asshat award for today goes to Jan Oberhauser, an asshat who publishes a nonfree software project with the Anti-commons Clause and calls it "open source" in his marketing material despite being well aware that it's not.

Eat a bag of dicks, Jan Oberhauser.

I am impressed by the amount of backlash over Blizzard's capitulation to the CCP.

Fuck Blizzard. Fuck China. Free Hong Kong.

@kurzgedanke Der Gold Standard für Telefonnummer-Eingabe ist immer noch der Schieberegler!

Blizzard suspends professional hearthstone player over Hong Kong comments

It should go without saying, but needs to be said, that I condemn China's treatment of Hong Kong, support everyone's right to self-governance, and condemn Blizzard for their actions here.

Next update will add "to use this repo with go get you simply use this repo with go get" to all pages

There is an easy way to figure it out... just try it

Apparently go get only works with Github /s

I *really* hope walkure has a 4th live so I can see it. I'm gonna be pissed if I never live to see a walkure concert in person

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